Greenway networkPress releasesGreenway Infrastructure to bring Ultrafast & Battery Assisted Electric Vehicle Charging to Central Europe & expand fast charging network

Brussels – The European Commission (EC) Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) announced that Greenway Infrastructure (GWI) has won a competitive bid to significantly expand the electric vehicle charging networks in Slovakia and Poland and deploy advanced charging technology in each country.

This will be the first ever deployment of ultra-fast charging stations (up to 350 kW) in Poland and Slovakia and the first battery assisted charging systems in Poland, to cover peak demand. In addition, it adds stations to the existing network of fast and slow chargers in both countries, so that the network becomes denser and accessible to more people. Overall, the project will significantly strengthen and expand the existing networks in each country, build out the Trans European Transport Network North Central Europe Corridor, and contribute to the decarbonisation and roll-out of alternative fuels in the EU.

The award also confirms GWI’s place as a leading electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider in the region, thanks to its technological excellence, reliability, and customer focus.

“Technical excellence and the reliability of our network for our customers are core priorities of ours,” said Peter Badik, managing partner of GWI, “We are very pleased to have been selected by the Commission to also introduce ultrafast charging technology to this region. This project will help us achieve our mutual goals of making electric vehicles a realistic and reliable mode of transportation for increasing numbers of people and reducing air pollution.”

“This investment from the EC, alongside recent Polish government initiatives, shows that the growth of the electric vehicle market in this region is moving forward quickly,” said GWI Poland CEO Rafal Czyzewski, “GWI is poised to lead this growth. By expanding our network of charging stations throughout Poland we enable increasing numbers of people to easily drive electric vehicles on a regular basis, and remove barriers to their wider adoption.”

GWI currently operates 20 public fast chargers in Slovakia and is preparing to expand that network to 30 by 2018. GWI is also building the first comprehensive, nation-wide, publicly accessible EV fast charging network in Poland.

GWI was awarded 6,165,496 EUR in the 2017 Connecting Europe Facility call for proposals, to deploy:

• Ultra-fast chargers of up to 350kW (10 in PL, 3 in SK) • Fast charging stations of 40-50kW (60 in PL) • Slow charging stations (7- 22kW) focusing on intermodal spots (50 in PL, 20 in SK) • Battery assisted charging systems (10 in PL)

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For further information, contact:

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