Greenway networkBlogOn the road towards the electric car revolution

In the coming years electric cars will be the driving force of the automotive market, but before that happens Europe will need to establish a network of charging stations.

From its headquarters in Bratislava, GreenWay established the most comprehensive network of electric vehicle charging stations in Slovakia, and now the SME has set their sights further afield.

‘Our aim is to create an ecosystem for electrical mobility in all of Eastern Europe,’ said Peter Badik, co-founder.

In 2015 GreenWay finished constructing Slovakia’s network of 20 charging stations and are on the cusp of expanding into Poland, where a network is almost non-existent.

‘In the Netherlands you have around 300 fast-charging stations, in Poland whose population is four times bigger, you have six,’ said Peter. ‘We want to be the company that accelerates coverage for the whole country.’

GreenWay’s fast-charging stations are strategically located to enable users to make longer journeys across Europe’s growing electric mobility network.

‘The biggest argument against buying electric vehicles [EV] is that you can’t travel long distances,’ said Peter. ‘But if you provide coverage across whole countries then you break that barrier.’

Establishing a network before a significant amount of users exist is a costly investment. Fortunately for Slovak EV users, the European Commissions’ trans-European transport network (TEN-T) aims to close gaps between transport networks and provided GreenWay with funding to help achieve their goal.

‘The support of the European Commission gives us a certain competitive edge and a security for a young sector that is already moving forward,’ said Peter.

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