Greenway networkPress releasesGreenway Infrastructure building hundreds of new electric vehicle charging stations, greatly expanding e-mobility access in Europe

Greenway Infrastructure building hundreds of new electric vehicle charging stations, greatly expanding e-mobility access in Europe
New nationwide networks and technologies will serve a wide variety of users while filling in last large EV coverage holes in Europe

Tallinn – Greenway Infrastructure (GWI) is building 195 new charging stations, significantly expanding its electric vehicle (EV) charging network coverage. This will provide many more types of EV charging to choose from, serve a more diverse set of drivers, lower the barriers for others to begin driving electric, connect the region with its neighboring countries, and fill one of the last large gaps in EV coverage in Europe.

GWI is currently working to build 195 charging stations in Poland and 53 in Slovakia:
• 145 fast charging stations
• 70 AC “slow” charging stations
• 13 Ultra-fast charging stations
• 20 Battery assisted charging systems

In Poland where few, isolated chargers exist, GWI is building the first ever, nationwide, comprehensive, publicly accessible electric vehicle charging network with a variety of charging types to appeal to different types of users. All will be state of the art technology.

In Slovakia, where GWI has already built a nationwide network allowing drivers to travel across the country from Austria to Ukraine, it is building out this network with new charging points and types, to allow for greater penetration within the country and to serve new users.

Soon, GWI will be serving a market of nearly 45 million people, almost 11% of the entire population of Europe. These countries account for almost 510,000 new car registrations per year, however they are much further behind the countries of western Europe in terms of EV penetration. Thus, there is considerable potential for growth of the EV segment, which GWI is poised to capitalize on. GWI is ahead of all other companies in providing the necessary infrastructure to enable these countries to transition more rapidly and easily to zero emission electric vehicles, and its work will significantly boost EV uptake in the region.

GWI is showcasing this network expansion at the Connecting Europe Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, September 21-22, hosted by the European Commission (EC) and the Estonian Presidency of the European Council. The conference seeks to identify policy actions and financing solutions in the transport sector to achieve economic growth, low emission mobility, and connectivity, among other objectives.

Seed investment for this network expansion came via competitive grants from the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the EC. GWI responsible for securing the rest of the funding and engaging in all of the implementation and construction work on its own.

GWI is working in close partnership with other INEA grantees to show how together, their joint efforts are creating electric highways throughout major corridors in many European countries, advancing a zero carbon transportation system and economy.

The green dots throughout Poland and Slovakia show where GWI is building.

A short video on the project is available here: